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Hotel and office building: special synergy, unique services

The former Radetzky Barracks, which has been empty for decades, is being revived as a hotel and office building. Located at Bem Square, the building complex will offer unique services: the tenants of the office space will be able to utilize the premium services and opportunities of the hotel, which is considered rare among the office buildings of Budapest. This special synergy is gaining popularity in the international market as well.

Outstanding gastronomic experiences, meeting rooms, event and conference halls for rent, premium services - the tenants of the new office building at Bem Square will benefit from the proximity of the hotel as being part of the exclusive building complex.

Offices, shops and entertainment in one place

“Thanks to the unique synergy of office and hotel building, Bem Center will contribute to the maximization of work and life balance: it offers a wide range of business opportunities for the guests of the hotel, and practicality and convenience for the tenants of the office building, so in the light of the “one-step approach” they can find all the necessary services in one place, from offices and shops, to entertainment.”said Miklós Bíró, the real estate development project manager of Bem Center.

The mixed-use building presents “class A” office spaces with flexible design for the tenants, who will have access to the special features of Bem Center that make it stand out from other newly built office buildings in Budapest.

Some physically and functionally integrated services, such as restaurants, bars, cafés, communal areas, skybar, day spa and various services provided by the tenants of the office building will be available for the guests of the hotel and the tenants of the office building alike.

The building will equally benefit local residents

Miklós Biró added that a crucial aspect of the project is to provide many advantages for the local community as well. The services allowed by the hotel-office synergy will be available to the residents of Buda. As a result of the various services and activities that the building will offer during daytime, the area around Bem Square will be filled with life again.

The "open-house" design of the building will grant access to the restaurant and bar not only for the guests of the hotel or the tenants of the office building but also for the residents of Budapest, tourists and gastronomy lovers. This concept is common for numerous world-famous hotels, including Kimpton Fitzroy London, which combines the beauties of the 19th century with the features of modern London. The luxurious hotel hosts the prestigious Galvin Bar & Grill restaurant, as well as the so-called Burr & Co. café that are open to tourists and locals alike. The conference halls of the building are available for rent and the magnificent ballroom serves as perfect place for weddings.

The lobby of Kimpton Fitzroy London:

Galvin Bar & Grill, Kimpton Fitzroy London:

Burr & Co., Kimpton Fitzroy London:

Ballroom of Fitzroy London:

International examples

The hotel-office synergy is a popular trend worldwide, therefore it is not difficult to find examples of similar real estate development projects. These “mixed-use” investments, beyond their specific function, significantly contribute to the vitality and development of the urban environment as well.

As an example, the Union Tower West located in Denver, USA, hosts the so-called Indigo IHG Hotel that offers 180 rooms at nearly 20.000 sqm, and a modern office building at 10.000 sqm. This mixed-use building is run by Intercontinental Hotels Group, which is the developer of the Kimpton Hotel of Bem Square.

Union Tower West, Denver:

The DELTA Business Center in Belgrade will include a 26.000 sqm Hotel InterContinental Beograd, in addition to 26.000 sqm of office space. The project will also offer an exclusive shopping area and restaurants, as well as a large underground car park as a result of a total development cost of around € 130 million.

DELTA Business Center in Belgrade:

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