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Conception, synergy

Bem Center, located near the Danube Bank, in the heart of Buda, is a building complex founded on a hotel-office building synergy. Its mission is to revitalize the local property selection. It offers flexibly customizable offices, a stylistic boutique hotel, a fine-dining restaurant and a number of services that the surrounding area lacks. Thanks to the concept of a multifunctional building, the hotel and office building perfectly complement each other: the physically and functionally integrated services can be leveraged by both the guests of the hotel and renters of the office.



Highlighting the building’s uniqueness, the offices are built behind a restored classicist façade, formerly known as the Radetzky-barrack façade. The building complex meets all the expectations of the 21th century, and also keeps the site’s historical value. 

Since it’s important to preserve the original atmosphere of the Bem square, we decided to keep and restore the old classicist façade, which is a significant classist element of the cityscape. 

The building block facing the park and the Danube will be transformed into a 130-room elegant hotel, while the offices will be located west of the building, behind the hotel. In order to visually and physically connect the Bem Hotel Heritage & Bem Center office building with the surrounding streets, a passage will connect the Kandó Kálmán and Henger streets inside the building. 


The building site was originally a military camp back in the Roman age but it has served many purposes during the centuries: it has been used as a melon farm, food storage, barrack, military hospital, prison, party headquarters and school. The building complex was formerly used as a classicist silo storage building, which was transformed into a barrack in 1897, and was given the name Radetzky-barrack. The long abandoned and ruined building together with Bem square will be now renewed thanks to the current property development, with the surrounding area again transforming into one of the most important hubs in Buda.


The building complex reaches for the American LEED rating system’s GOLD level: rainwater recycling, electric car chargers, green ceilings, heat pump cooling/heating systems and a significant number of recycled, incorporated materials contribute to achieving the certificate.