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Cozy, green, digital, safe – Top 4 Design Trends for Modern Offices

The long abandoned Radetzky-barrack will be renewed as an office building by 2023. In the Bem building complex, modern 21th century offices will be awaiting the renters. We collected four aspects that are significantly important at a workplace and were also given particular attention in the design phase of the Bem building.

1. Home at the workplace

“Besides the work-life balance, quality time spent in the office is becoming more and more important for employees. Employers need to take this aspect into consideration because a comfortable and relaxed work environment increases productivity. In other words: those employees are more productive, who enjoy spending time at their workplace”, says Miklós Biró, property development project manager.

How can you help employees feel good at work? For instance, if you create an environment that feels more like home than a workplace. This can be achieved with resimercial design that focuses on creating a cozy environment in the office: for instance, with curtains, fluffy carpets, natural light and comfortable, ergonomic chairs.

2. Environmentally-conscious and sustainable operation

Environmental protection is not only important in our personal lives but at the workplace as well. The office environment needs to ensure that employees can stay true to the values they practice in their personal lives - for example recycling, being surrounded by plants or being able to use a bicycle storage.  

It’s also essential to design a modern office building with plenty of natural sunlight, using energy-efficient lightning, and sustainable building materials.

“Market Zrt. is committed to sustainable and environmentally-conscious design ideas, therefore our goal is to achieve a prestigious international green building certificate for the Bem building complex”, adds Miklós Biró

3. Digitalization 

Thanks to innovative office technologies, you can easily improve cooperation between colleagues during a meeting. Modern office equipment facilitates and speeds up work while also inspiring new ideas.

Easy displaying and sharing of information is the key to productive meetings. This is where technological solutions come into the picture: built-in audio systems, visual projector systems or movable partition walls in video conference spaces.

4. Workplace after a pandemic

The experiences we gathered during the COVID-19 pandemic will stay with us even after the pandemic is over. Healthcare aspects have been prioritized over occupational protocols and most likely a greater attention will be devoted to them in the future as well in modern workplaces.

Amongst other things, the ideal space between workspaces has increased while small meeting rooms are set up to ensure only a small number of employees can gather in the same space. Office buildings should be designed with opening windows, easy-to-clean surfaces, and non-contact doors and elevators. Furthermore, hygienic aspects have become significantly important when designing kitchens and toilettes. 

Photos by Zsolt Hlinka