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Features of a modern office: sustainability, comfort and flexibility

By 2023 the former Radetzky Barracks will become a crucial player in the office market of Budapest, since it will be revived as a modern hotel and office building. When designing the so-called Bem Center office building the following features will be in the center of attention: environmental consciousness, sustainability and special amenities.


An elegant and innovative office center will be built in the heart of Budapest by the end of the next year. Bem Center will offer more than 20.000 square meters of flexible office space on 6 levels, 389 parking spots and a number of special services.

“The A class Bem Center with its premium services will be a pioneer in Budapest as it provides the right synergy of hotel and office space. The two buildings being built next to each other, will allow tenants of the office building to have access to various functions of the hotel.”- said Miklós Bíró, real estate project manager. Furthermore he mentioned that office tenants will be able to rent meeting rooms for important corporate events and a medical center, a gym and a fine food store will be at their disposal only a few steps away.


Flexible design: feel like at home

When designing Bem Center, the contractor pays special attention to a number of important aspects that are typical of modern offices.

As nowadays many people work in a hybrid system, from home and in the office, flexibility at the workplace is of key importance. Hence, the office should provide a feeling of being at home, with open spaces, lots of natural light and a coherent color palette.


Biophilic design: be close to nature

Those who have been working from home in the last two years due to the Covid pandemic, had limited access to the outside world. The office environment should be designed in a way that helps employees reconnect with nature, while sitting at their desks. This green approach is called the biophilic design.

The use of large and well-positioned windows, plants or green wall installations can contribute to a more pleasant working environment. Some types of plants can even improve the quality of air.

It is on trend now to use natural motifs as indoor office decoration, such as leafs, birds or flower silhouettes. Many offices have a small garden or green terrace, where employees can destress in the companionship of potted flowers and herbs. In the pursuit of sustainable operation, the designers of Bem Center found it extremely important to use environmentally friendly materials and solutions for the office building.


The main focus is on health

Apart from the services of the office, it is of great significance for employees to have opportunities for recreation and managing personal issues near their workplace.

Thanks to the synergy of the hotel and office building of Bem Center, the needs of employees will be met by offering a wide range of special services. Opportunities that offer mental and physical fitness help maintain the balance between the body and soul, which appears to be the key to effective and satisfactory work.

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